"Yukki-kun, I just called to say that I love you and that if any other girl has feelings for you, I’ll kill them all. Okay, bye bye Yukki-kun, I love you!"

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I don’t know why I made this, suddenly got inspiration while I was on shower. lol

reading chapter 266 (right?) makes me heartbroken.. Akashi is such… a darling.. T_T *sob*

and sorry for messy lines :”D

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Let me talk about Akashi’s parents



I need to emphasize that Akamom was the one who gave Akashi the freedom to play basketball. 

Akashi played basketball during his very little period of free time, it could mean that he respected his mother a lot, and treasures basketball very much due to it being the thing that his mother have given to him, basketball connected him to his mother.

We first see Akashi’s mother in Volume 25, she appeared in a picture displayed in Akashi’s home.

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miraclesweek » unforgettable scene + mvp

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MiraclesWeek || Day 3: MVP (Favourite Generation of Miracles)
↳ To ask me who I am…hurts my feelings. I am Akashi Seijuro, of course.

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He is the ideal playmaker. 
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akashi seijuro;;

as a symbol of my atonement...i will gouge out both of my eyes and give them to you.

for akiriant.

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Special 2 years - [12/15] Request by: ryukooh
↳ Akashi
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